Friday, September 12, 2014

Science4Us Mission

The U.S. weakness in science starts in the primary grades (NAEP, 2009). The mission of Science4Us (S4U) is to revive science education via an original, powerful, and complete online curriculum focusing initially on providing a strong K-2 curriculum. S4U believes that the best possibility of broadly achieving the desired level of student and teacher engagement in science within today’s environment is through an online, digital approach with embedded professional development. There are four key reasons that S4U is positioned to succeed in this mission:

  1. The imminence of standardized science assessments and goals creates a need for new curriculum.
  2. Today’s students are technologically savvy learners ready to engage in digital learning.
  3. The school infrastructure (human & technical) is ready and able to rely on an online curriculum.
  4. The S4U team has deep in-house expertise and tried-and-true experience in:
    • School science best practices and classroom realities
    • Digital education production and game development
    • Marketing techniques powerful enough to make a nationwide impact

The goal of Science4Us is to improve STEM education with an easy-to-use investigative online low cost, standards-based, innovative, research-based, curriculum suited to today’s educational system.

As background, the Science4Us model is a based on the 5E Instructional Model.

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BBat50 said...

The implementation of the 5E Instructional Model by Science4Us is exemplary! It is more effective at engaging prior knowledge and involving the students than most programs which tend to do this superficially which fail to really engage prior knowledge, so important for connecting the new thinking to something:

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